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  • Ketches Farm Shoot Pickers Up

    I thought you might be amused by the enclosed photograph - I am very sorry I could not reduce it. I gave them to all the Pickers Up on the shoot for Christmas with instructions they must wear them on Beater's Day - they were a great hit...


  • Socks in Antarctica again.

    My mother in law, Jan Baker (she is the one who comes and buys your socks at the Devon County Show every year) bought my wife and I a pair of your socks each for our trip to Antarctica. 


  • A Fresh New Look for Corrymoor

    We hope you like the fresh new look to Corrymoor. Don't worry it's still us and we are still here at Corrymoor Farm in Devon with our goats and our socks, but after 25 years we just felt we needed brightening up.


  • Socks in the City Collection

    More and more people are realising that Corrymoor Socks are not just for rural dwellers and mountain climbers, to name but a few. This year our Socks in the City collection is the perfect gift for people who spend hours standing on the tube, pounding the hard pavements and sitting at computers.


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