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  • Marilyn’s story and what she’s up to now

    On June 1st last year, we went out to the field with all the mothers and kids to find a new born kid lying in the grass, VERY alone and cold with no mother paying any attention to her. 


  • When Countryfile came to Corrymoor

    Read all about when BBC Countryfile came to visit us as part of the feature on the Blackdown Hills - this lovely area of East Devon.


  • High Flying Socks

    I know you like to see what your socks get up to, here’s a pair of pink woodlanders accompanying me out of a perfectly good aeroplane…


  • Beyond Endurance Expedition

    I am writing on behalf of the Beyond Endurance Expedition team to thank you for your fantastic Corrymoor socks. They really were put to the test as we successfully completed Sir Earnest Shackleton's epic journey across the Antarctic mountains and glaciers of South Georgia and some 2000 miles of sailing across the Southern Ocean.


  • An Expedition in Namibia

    Regarding the socks, I thought that they were perfect! They were very comfortable, the colours were great and most importantly the socks didn't smell! I didn't get one blister in my whole month of trekking in Namibia and my feet felt healthy throughout the expedition.


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